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Lake Bafa To New York Using Olive Oil Bafa Lake In Turkey

At Lake Bafa It is not just the views and scenery that are unique and quality. The area is famous for many things and one of those is the olive oil it produces. On a recent visit to our partners at Hotel Silva Oliva we were informed that they are trying to get that internationally recognised They have been accepted as an entrant to the prestigious New York Olive Oil competion for 2015 to find the best olive oils from around the world. competition3 Florian Koch who is the motivation behind this bid seems to be a complete “food scientist” They produce many other local food products and the jams and marmalade are the taste of freshness. He explained that for years his family have used there own produced oil in their kitchen at the Hotel and restaurant and its quality was the cornerstone of many of their local dishes The oil this year is particularly good cold pressed and unfiltered delivering extreme quality with a unique taste The Memecik olives on his farm also have the advantage of being on trees very close to the lake so moisture levels are high and he produces the oil without any additional water added. The olives come from trees up to 300 years old and in the locality the local villagers revere this area as one of the best tastes we hope they agree in New York. This year Florian and his company will create the brand Silva Oliva and will sell it to visitors and tourists also online to the world at http://ift.tt/1AT8nhE and on the brand website www.silvaoliva.com This is a major promotion for the area as a whole and can spread the Lake Bafa taste and more around the globe This season there will be tasting events at the Hotel and restaurant http://ift.tt/12ZCxUO About The Competition http://ift.tt/1FRCf4L competition2 “The World’s Best Olive Oils The Best Olive Oils Yearly Index is the official results website of the New York International Olive Oil Competition. The NYIOOC is the largest, and most publicized olive oil quality competition in the world. NYIOOC-logo More than 700 entries from 25 countries are judged by an international panel of experts as part of a week-long event held each April in New York City. The results of the competition are announced on the final day of judging, broadcast live and published in the international press. Retailers, distributors and consumers throughout the world use the competition results as a buying guide to the best extra virgin olive oils. The competition winners are bestowed the distinction “Best Olive Oils in the World” and featured in this yearly index where details of every award-winning oil are presented in a format accessible to all devices.” competition4 At Lake Bafa .org we wish this olive oil entry the best of luck and hope all involved promote our amazing location in their quest.

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Great Hotel Spectacular Location Bafa Lake In Turkey

Great Hotel Spectacular Location:

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New Year with a view of Lake Bafa Bafa Lake In Turkey


With a view


Menu: Open buffet 75 TL/person
Main meal: Roast Lamb with morel sauce and home made noodles
variety of hot and cold local vegetables, starters, salads,
fruits, deserts and after midnight special soup.
Unlimited soft drinks.
Live local folk music, international dance music, raffle with surprises….
Accomodation in our hotel including special brunch breakfast is 85 TL per person. All rooms have
air-conditioning and a fireplace. Wood sold for 25 TL. Special price for new year is 150 TL including
new year menu, accomodation and breakfast.
Please make your reservation before 25.12.2012 as we have only 25 rooms free.


Payment in advance
Only for menu is 30 TL
Menu + accomodation 40 TL
If for some reason you can not come there is no refund..
Booking is possible direct on our website on http://ift.tt/12ZCxUO or on our facebook page

For further information please contact:
Tel: 0531 560 30 18 – 0532 779 93 38
e-mail: info@hotelsilvaoliva.com
internet: http://ift.tt/12ZCxUO
Lake Bafa Nature Reserve
Bafa Gölü Tabiat Parkı


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Yoga Bafa Lake Bafa Lake In Turkey

The shores of Lake Bafa are a great location for recharging your batteries Surrounded by the aroma that defines fresh air to have a good yoga instructor is ideal. 

There is such a weekend planned on 28th of October See Here

The short break involves Yoga for beginners and advanced and includes an evening meal and overnight stay at the famous Hotel Silva Oliva.

The location defines relaxation and the excellent local organic food complements the experience.

There is also a guided nature walk between yoga classes and meals that will show Lake Bafa at its natural best.

So visit and relax in this amazing location which is almost purpose built for Yoga escape and rejuvenate on the shores of Lake Bafa !

Facebook Event Link Click Here

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Lake Bafa Hosts Petzl Roctrip Bafa Lake In Turkey

The famous Petzl Roc trip has located one of its base camps at Lake Bafa In Turkey

The Roctrip 2014 has some leading figures attending on the tour of Eastern Europe and Turkey

Bafa Lake is proud to be one of the locations it highlighted to find unique climbs on the boulders around the area

It is recognition that this is an international destination for bouldering and hopes this prompts many visitors to this area of amazing natural beauty.

The hospitality of the locals and the environment that some great climbing can be found is well known to us and we hope that the trip participants become ambassadors for this area after enjoying its many attributes.

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Kayaking,Climbing,Bouldering,Trekking,Enjoying In Turkey Bafa Lake In Turkey



One such activity in Bafa Lake is the niche sport of bouldering. Free climbing on the very large rocks formed by historical volcanic activity is increasingly popular. There are many visitors from around the globe that are developing guides and promoting the area via social media to others that relish the original and there fore attractive climbs. It is amazing to see how social media promotes both a unique activity and the area like that as if you search YouTube there are many recordings of people from around the globe conquering Lake Bafa s boulders and landscape.Bafa Lake Bouldering Bafa Lake Bouldering   Within the boundaries of Bafa Lake are many other water based activities and as the lake has four islands that host both historical and wildlife sites it inspires boat trips .One of the perfect ways to access these sites is via kayaks the lake is suited to enthusiasts of the sport but combined with locations of such interest and inspiration ir gives any participant further motivation. A day trip or a whole holiday based around kayaking on Bafa Lake can be equally fulfilling. Bafa Lake Kayaking In conclusion Bafa Lake is a multifaceted playground rich in both history and nature an ideal location for educational, relaxing or just inspirational holidaying.    


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