Nature, History and Olives
www. h o t e l s i l va o l i
Lake B a f a – Tu rkey
Our hotel is situated on the shores of the Lake Bafa Nature Park,
and can be found in an olive grove which is 10 acres in extent. All
rooms have their own bathrooms, air-conditioning, fireplace, and
verandah with lake-view. There are rustic common-rooms with
fireplaces, a private beach with pier, terraces with lake-view and
a terrace bar. Here we serve selected foods from the Aegean and
Mediterranean cuisine. We intend to offer the best service to our
guests all-year-round.
Starting with prehistoric rock painting, Carian, Greek, and Ottoman
remains can be seen, often quite closeby. The antique cities of
Ephesus, Miletus, Didyma, Priene, Myus, Heracleia, Halicarnassos,
Iasos, Labraunda, and Euromos can be visited by daily tours.
The Byzantine castles and monasteries on the islands of Lake Bafa
and the Latmos mountains can be reached easily by hiking trail
or by boat.
Lake Bafa Nature Reserve is a birds’ paradise. It also contains a
rich flora with many rare orchids. On hiking trails you can connect
with nature and culture in an ideal way. We also provide
kayaks for exploration of the lake and terraces and rooms suitable
for doing yoga. There are undreamed-of opportunities for
photography and painting. Otherwise, if all you want to do is
relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the lake, then our hotel
is perfect for you.
Lake Bafa Akbük
We harvest our own olives and make
our own olive-oil. We smoke eels from
the lake with wild herbs of the region.
Our yoghurt, jams and marmelades are
home-made and our homey comes from Mt. Latmos. Mushrooms
and wild plants collected in our olive grove enrich our
kitchen, We serve a cuisine rich in vegetables and wild herbs.
We set a high value on using fresh, close-to-nature, regional and
seasonal fare.
Lake Bafa Nature Reserve
Bafa Gölü Tabiat Parkı
www. h o t e l s i l v a o l i v a . c o m
Tel: +90 252 519 11 77 – +90 531 560 30 18


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