Turkish olive oil producers

As people discovered the benefit of “superior” nutritional consumption, olive oil took its well-deserved share from it. Turkey ranks numer four in the world in olive oil production, and second in table olives; but sorry to say, the new laws may create a bad decline in production. The olive is the fruit of happiness. Olive oil is used throughout the world, but especially in the Mediterranean countries. Olive harvest methods virtually have not been changed for thousands years. Clazomenae is also quite close to the ancient town of Miletus near the modern town of Didim, which is the birth town of the famous scientist Thales. In short, it is built to form a friendship and foster solidarity between populations who have olive oil in their veins all across the Mediterranean basin.

Now, the goal is to increase olive oil usage to 3 liters, and make the Turkish olive oil known to the world. Harvest period is between November and March. olive oil. Olive tree is grafted by these civilisations who have competency and skills in the fields of agriculture and trading. It spreads over Mexico and Peru in the 1560s; over a wide geography from California, Chile and Argentina to Australia and South Africa via the Italian immigrants last half half of the 19th century. For this reason, there is no difference for olive oil production method between the present and 6 thousand years ago.
This creates a huge advantage for a town that is so associated with olives. Olive oil is an oil obtained from the olive (Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The olive tree is their sustenance; life revolves around it; in a way, all the mighty civilizations owe their existence to the olive. With continuous system oil mills used in modern facilities, the paste is centrifuged without the use of a press at which stage the process is accelerated in the addition of water at 26â€\”28 degrees. As a result, the demand for olive oil in Western countries soared and consumers thought to eat wisely, avoid food with additives and prefer natural products. There is no accurate information as to the start of olive oil production.
Mediterranean Region: In the homeland of olives, Mediterranean Region in Turkey is lagged behind other regions in the country. Per capita olive oil consumption in Greece is 20 kg, in Italy 12 kg, in Spain 10 kg, whereas in Turkey it is below 1 kg. This life cord is now trying to grasp at ties with international solidarity networks in an effort to secure its future.

Facing common challenges, Turkish olive oil producers have decided to join hands with international networks. Olives are washed with cold water and kept over vibrating grills for excess water to drip, in order to be free of their leaves, vines and all other impurities, before being crushed. Southern regions commonly start a bit earlier, with the harvest work moving slowly north thereafter let us hope that their work together takes the same path.
As Turkish olive oil should be cherished for what it is a natural asset to all that appreciate quality


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