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Olive Oil Production A part of Turkish History

As people discovered the value of “better” nutrition olive oil Both international organizations have shared interests, the previous making a network of olive-growing towns, this forming a network of quality assured olive oil producers. Turkish producers are relieved given the fact that the season started badly. Olive harvest methods virtually were never changed for thousands years. And this olive oil can be eaten after cold press process. Throughout history, olive oil is widely considered as a source of health, youth and strength.

Now, the goal is to increase olive oil consumption to 3 liters, and make the Turkish olive oil considered to the world. The must acquired at this stage is sent to the machine to assort the oil to use on the last time.
Olive Oil and
Olives are extremely the umbilical cord feeding the whole population of the north Aegean. Apart from being the celebration of the first decennial, there really was something special during this harvest. To get the best of it, it has to be carefully packed and stored, kept away from heat and light until consumed.
Average lifespan of an olive tree is 300-400 years. Erythrae, now called Ildir, near Cesme, which is a neighbour to Urla, was a a part of the Ionian League (Panionion) and a prominent olive oil production and exportation centre of its age. Olive and Olive Oil production rates are same as olive tree population. Keep in a jar refrigerated for further use. There are indigenous olive varieties plus common olive varieties of Marmara and Aegean regions. In olive oil culture, another tradition that does not change for thousands of years is the extraction method of olive oil.
Then comes the churning or mixing (malaxation) phase the paste is heated up and kneaded slowly. Per capita olive oil consumption in Greece is 20 kg, in Italy 12 kg, in Spain 10 kg, whereas in Turkey it is below 1 kg.
The olives collected ought to be pressed as soon as possible.|There were 46 people in the van, despite it only having 24 seats, reflecting the sad reality of the effort to cut costs.|and very There are few countries that are left which have not experienced the incredible taste and fragrance of Turkish olive oil.|This life cord has grown to be attempting to grasp at ties with international solidarity networks that allows you to secure its future.
It should be noted that in the last five years the Turkish producers of olives and olive oil have gone through a difficult period. Olive oil consumption in one’s country is far being at the desired level. The wild olive tree was originated in Asia Minor in modern Turkey.